Alfa Romeo Champions with Scuderia del Portello

On Saturday February 23rd took place the “Premiazione dei Campioni 2018”, organized by Alfa Romeo’s official historical club: Scuderia del Portello. This is an annual event where the club’s members, drivers and other people who have distinguished themselves thanks to their performances and contributions during the past season are rewarded.

Such an important event like this couldn’t be hosted by a regular venue, and that’s why it took place right at Alfa’s historical museum in Arese. Before the prizegiving, the president of the Scuderia del Portello, Mr. Marco Cajani, welcomed all the guests, entertaining the audience with a short film highlighting the club’s 2018 season, which saw its members and their cars participating in 30 different events all over the world, conquering in the process 80 podiums and trophies, among which two Italian class Championships with historic cars. Later on during the event the president’s son – Mr. Andrea Cajani – introduced the 2019 racing calendar, presenting all the events the Scuderia del Portello is going to take part during this year. You can check out the club’s 2019 schedule here.

A special  reward has been given to the racing drivers who have made Alfa Romeo’s brand great during their careers, like Gian Luigi Picchi, Andrea De Adamich, Arturo Merzario, Carlo Facetti, Gianni Giudici, Mauro Pregliasco, Bruno Giacomelli, Giorgio Francia, Fabrizio Giovanardi and Alex Caffi (from left to right, in the photo below).

But it didn’t end here, because also Alfattitude has been rewarded for all its editorial work on the social platforms like Instagram/Facebook and the articles published on the website.

After the ceremony, all the guests were invited to leave the auditorium and move outside to the small circuit behind the museum for the car parade, where a gathering of Alfas, brought by the club itself and its supporters, was ready to amaze us. In addition to the usual Giulias and 4Cs, there were some guests of a certain importance that didn’t go unnoticed, like the Nanni Galli V8 Ecosport (damn, it was loud!) or the Giulia TZ, the “Giallo Senape (mustard for non-italian people)” Giulia GTAm and elegant 6C 2500 SS Touring Superleggera Coup√©.

Curious was also the presence of some single-seaters like the March-Alfa 90CA-003, which partecipated at the Indy 500 in 1990 or some rare unicorns like the two Giulia Super Giardinetta (known also as Promiscua) and the wonderful 8C.

Among all these beauties there were two which stole the scene: the Effeffe “Berlinetta” and the legendary Tipo 33/2 “Periscopica”. The first is an handmade masterpiece built by the Frigerio brothers with a 170hp 2 Liter Alfa Romeo engine, while the second doesn’t need any kind of introduction, just know that a certain Brian Johnson from an australian band called AC/DC had the privilege to drive it a few years ago.

Once the event was over and everybody started to leave, I decided to remain alone with all the cars on the track for just a few minutes more. You could feel all the love the owners have for the Alfa Romeo brand, simply looking at any car that was parked there. Until a few weeks ago I couldn’t had ever imagined that one day I will have the possibility to personally meet Alfa Romeo’s legendary drivers and see with my own eyes gems like the TZ, GTAm, 8C and the Tipo 33/2 “Periscopica”, cars which I’ve always dreamed of, watching them only from behind a screen. I feel very lucky for having had the privilege to be there for the day and turning another small dream reality. It mattered a lot for a “small town boy” like me.

In the end, on behalf of Alfattitude I would like to express my gratitude to the Scuderia del Portello for the award given to us and for the beautiful day spent in Arese. Grazie!

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Author: Federico

A young petrolhead from the small city of Trieste. In love with everything with wheels and an engine since forever, with a weakness for old-school cars, especially Alfas. Currently working as photographer and writer for some Italian magazines. You can find more of his work on Instagram @federico.delami

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    thank you for this document. Me too I was at the 2019 event by Scuderia del Portello, I would like to remember to all the Alfa Romeo fans that (how said by Marco Cajani, President of Scuderia del Portello) this year Alfa Romeo was not the main sponsor of Scuderia del Portello. FCA Group will not give an Euro Cent to Scuderia as Sponsor 2019.
    It is a shock for me that decision as Scuderia del Portello is the offcial Scuderia for oldtimers Alfa Romeo and it is a great sponsor for Alfa Romeo around the world.

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    • Avatar

      Ciao Renzo. You are right, Scuderia del Portello is probably the greatest brand ambassador a car maker could wish for. Hats off to them for keeping the spirit alive, even if Alfa itself is probably concentrating now most of its efforts towards the F1 programme!

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