Alfa Fest 2019

Feels like Christmas in plain summer!

AlfaFest is the short name for the “Alfa Romeo Festival” taking place every year in Romania. I know, it’s not the most original of names  as other countries are calling their alfisti meetings “Alfa Fest” too… but trust me on this one, our meeting is something unique and original! 

It all started about 13 years ago, as a humble initiative to reunite the very few (back then) Alfa Romeo owners. We barely counted more than 10 cars at that time, but hey, it was a start! The event increased in popularity every year ever since, managing to break the 100 cars milestone for the first time, coincidentally, on it’s 10th anniversary! It became the most popular alfisti event in the country, and one of the most popular events in Eastern Europe, as quite a few foreigner Alfa owners join us every year. Is that kind of event that you start planing for the whole year, counting down the days and cheering for as it was Christmas! Except it’s in plain summer 🙂

What’s special about it is that it changes location every year, so alfisti get to explore another piece of the beautiful country, experiencing new and unique adventures. The other special thing about it is its format: we spend together a few days, living under the same roof, visiting same places, riding the same routes. You might think this is pretty hard to achieve with over 200 guests and 100 cars, and you are damn right! Just a tiny lack of coordination and we might shut a whole city down in terms of traffic! Ooops…

This year, we celebrated the 14th edition of Alfa Fest in Alba Iulia, the historical city that hosted the Unification of the old Romanian provences giving birth to modern Romania. We counted 106 cars participating in the event, but other enthusiasts just came to visit, so we can officially call it a record! We spent 4 magical days together, chitchatting about our cars, admiring the few Busso engines on display, the glorious vintage Spiders or the more recent Quadrifoglios and the 4C. We travelled in a 1km long convoy and visited the spectacular Turda Salt mine and the Corvin Castle, but also took over the Alba Carolina Citadel with 18 different models representing a real Alfa Romeo “Hall Of Fame”. It was glorious! And the best is yet to come: next year, we’re celebrating 110 years of Alfa Romeo and 15 years of AlfaFest! Guess we’ll restart counting down the days…


Author: Alex

Social games developer by formation, automotive photographer by passion. Got bitten by the "snake" more than a decade ago, proudly carrying the Alfa Virus ever since. Founded Alfatographie, a common ground for all his passions. Alfatographie on Facebook / @the.alfatographer on Instagram

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