An even more extraordinary Giulia

How can you make a perfectly composed car as the Giulia even more extraordinary than she already is?

We know for a fact, Alfa Romeo simply mastered the creation of perfectly matching coluors for their vehicles. This can be seen in all the great cars that are gracing the roads of our world. Whether it’s the Azzurro Celeste of the 1950s, my breathtaking Rosso Competizione Giulia Veloce or even a majestic Giulia Quadrifoglio in Bianco Trofeo.

From a personal point of view it is perfectly clear that nothing beats my Giulia in Rosso Competizione, because an Alfa HAS to be red! Having said that, I agree that a white car is also be multi-faceted and beautiful in its own way, especially Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio in Bianco Trofeo. Of that I could assure myself after getting to know this special Giulia.



The lines and details in the design and the muscularly rounded proportions are so beautifully drawn out. Thus the beast (which this Giulia actually is) is given an inconspicuousness and elegance you wouldn’t expect from an Italian 600 hp high-bred force of nature.

Of course, the later added carbon details, the not-quite-so-Italian side stripes and the unusually contrasting golden rims custom made by mb-Design are giving away the true intentions of this Giulia. And as if she wasn’t already unique with these golden-silver-carbon details attracting all the attention, its owner decided more was to come. One can already guess his power of determination in making this Italian beauty a true rarity even among the other Giulias.

This Bella is supposed to become even more extraordinary.
To provoke even more discussions and create some contrast among all the beautiful Giulias out there… according to the motto “Love it, or hate it”. But it should do just that, it must polarize the people’s views even more! You can only do that by giving la Bella Giulia a new skin…




Since Markus can’t necessarily be described as a thoroughbred Alfista, but as a true petrolhead, he always comes up with some unusual ideas for his vehicles. Like attaching a couple of AMG side stripes to an Alfa. The reason for this is that for a long time he was more committed to the (more unemotional should we say) German sports car models. But Giulia persuaded him to take the passionate side of cars. Because we know no one can resist an Italian lady. That’s exactly what happened to Markus. How many hearts has this Bella Macchina conquered for the first time at the IAA 2015? Mine at least, immediately. And you’ve guessed it, Markus also turned to the beautiful side of driving at that time. That’s it, one just can’t to miss this legendary Alfa feeling once one has tasted it and got involved.

Through this non-Italian past he interprets the Alfa feeling in his very own way.
Now back to present times with the special wrapping of his Giulia Quadrifoglio. At first glance from a distance you might think that silver matt is still classically elegant – almost more than the Bianco Trofeo. And this for a QV? But if you look at the exciting matt-grey NRING Edition, other impressions come to mind. So would silver really be too boring for it? A certain touch has to be added… the look of brushed aluminium! This effect fascinates immensely especially from a close-up view.




This new small detail makes her look powerful, vicious, also somehow edgy and now she is showing her steel muscles very self-confidently. And yet her sensual curves are still recognizable there, unchanged. It’s these passionate curves that we are only used to see on the Giulia.




Also her elegance is somehow still underlined by the metallic shine of the aluminium look – matte and yet shiny by the texture, which accentuates other lines on Giulia’s body depending on the lighting conditions – can a “colour” be even more exciting? Of course, this unusual skin with its texture also tempts you to touch and stroke it. And I assure you, it feels even better than it looks. Because you almost don’t notice that it’s wrapping. In addition to this exciting haptic experience, the contrast of silver-grey to the golden custom mb rims with the red brake calipers. This creates even more tension in the composition of the elements – is it a good contrast or too much?




One looks at this Giulia several times, critically, enthusiastically, from different perspectives… always discovers new and unique details, such as the high-gloss black painted diffuser and how many carbon parts had been added perfectly. I don’t think you get tired of her look so quickly. Whether you like it or not. And from a good source I can say that there will soon be more to discover about this Giulia, because by no means is this a finished project.

And yet for me, in conclusion, it is reassuring to know that the beautiful Italian Bianco Trofeo still rests protected under this brushed aluminium wrapping.

– We are thanking the owner of this beautiful and unique Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio – Markus for the opportunity of having us over for this exclusive photo session! –



Author: Dani

Petrol nut and crazy about Alfa Romeo since childhood, showcasing this love for cars through photography. Working as a professional UI Designer. You can follow the adventures of her beautiful Giulia Veloce TI on Instagram (@my_redgiulia) and her automotive photography portofolio here.

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    It’s defo not ugly, but it looks very germanic now!

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