Sunday Scramble at Bicester Heritage

Imagine a live train set, only instead of the trains you get some of the coolest cars ever made, driven by some of the friendliest and down to earth people you can ever meet. Welcome to Bicester Heritage. 

  This magical set was originally an air force base, during the Battle of Britain. To this day it has a live airfeld, with vintage biplanes and graceful gliders.

For all the military heritage, the feel of the place is totally different. 

Every single building is home to a classic car related business. OK, there’s a brewery and a bicycle shop as well. But you get the picture.

Through the wide open doors you can see cars getting naked.

 Take away all the glitter and you still feel all the Alfa spirit.

Behind one of the more unsuspecting doors lies the site’s pirate treasure cave. Hundreds of special cars stashed away from the evils of the world.

Every time I enter this place I rub my eyes. Then you wonder what is under that cover. That must be a…!!! No way! Yes, it is!!!

 The buildings create an intricate play of volumes.

You never know what lies around the corner. Oh, yes, it’s a great place to shoot cars.

The set writes the story for you.

And then there is the variety. The last time I had this feeling I was on an actual movie set. One moment you are at The Hamptons.

The next one you are in Twin Peaks.

Sunday Scramble is open to all brands. As you’d expect, British and German brands are well represented.

Some are brands you may not know much about.

Some of the cars are incredibly rare.

And some are made by Alfa Romeo.

The heart shaped grille should be a warning. Once you see one it will stay in your heart forever.

Richard bought this Montreal in 1977.

He is not the Montreal’s first conquest, as it was built in 1971, but for sure he is the love of her life.

This battle ready GTAm recreation drove in early in the morning

The sound of its twin cammed tricolore engine reverberated against the walls of the airbase.

Two gentlemen got off, after a struggle with the passenger door. Then started to giggle. Alfa.

Over on the other side of the site, this squad boldly protected the building site behind.

Two friendly guard dogs. Unless you plan on trespassing.

As a side note, this Sunday Scramble was the first one with dogs allowed. This being a live airfeld, the old Sopwith pilots are not keen on having to watch out for the odd angry Jack Russell barking on the landing zone. So, until this day, dogs were banned. In the face of massive public outcry, “well behaved dogs on a leash” were allowed. They were well behaving everywhere.

Unlike some of drivers flooring it just after clearing ticket control.

Other Alfas seem to be persuaded to behave. Barely.

This angry white Giulia TI Super lookalike spread its wheels wide and stood its ground, back against the wall.

It looked stunning.

Not all Alfas were in show condition.

But the spirit is all there.

Tucked inside a massive hangar, an 8C Spider looked so good, you’d think you were in a video game.

You almost felt it was about to lift up and rotate in mid air. Alfa 8C selected.

It even looked a bit like a 3D mesh, as it reflected the trusses of the roof of the building.

I had to get out of that hangar, before I completely lost my senses.

And just outside, this LHD ultra clean Scalino on German plates showed off against the massive metal doors


I looked around.

Was it trying to seduce the Spider?

Ah, got it. This black GTV was staring it in the face from the other side.

Who knows how this could have ended? Before matters escalated, the owner of the GTV got his kids in the back seats and drove off.

At that time I realised another Sunday Scramble was over.

I hope I gave you a bit of a feel for it. It will be winter when the next one happens. See you there.



Author: Virgiliu

A true petrolhead creative with a background in advertising and design with more than a trace of Alfa in his blood. Make sure you follow him on Instagram for a broader view on the fabulous British car scene: @quicklizzard

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  1. Avatar

    I am the owner of Alfa S3 F564 HKH. Thanks for the picture. Quite a surprise and very good photo. Do you have any other of car you can share?

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    • Avatar

      Hi Filip,
      thank you so much for getting in touch. We may have another good shot or two of your car. Give us a couple of days to have a proper look and grade them and we will share with you.

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  2. Avatar

    I can now see the photos you took of my car , on your cover plus several more . Must have been the OCT 2018 Scramble . Great photos too.

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